Fire Detection, Alarm and Protection Systems

The function of the fire detection and alarm system is to properly identify the incident, raise the occupant alarm, and then notify emergency response professionals. This helps to save lives and protect property.

A smoke aspiration system is an active type of detector which is capable of continuous air sampling which provides the earliest possible warning of an impending fire hazard. Modern fire alarm systems that we use are comprehensive, advanced, fully automated, ones that create a network of various detectors. They even automatically send out a signal to the fire station or other important contact numbers the moment they detect a fire, a gas leak, or smoke, alerting the building’s occupants before a fire even happens. Click here to read more….

Video Surveillance & Analytics

Video surveillance consists of remotely monitoring public or private places, using mostly power- operated cameras that transmit the images taken to monitoring equipment that records or reproduces the images on a screen. It captures images of moving people in order to monitor entry and exit, prevent theft, assault and fraud, as well as manage incidents and crowd movements.

Faced with problems such as the fight against terrorism, enhanced national security and the rapid development of city crime, our societies are increasingly investing in protection. Click here to read more….

Building Management Systems

Unlike the conventional Building management systems, the integrated BMS adds tremendous value

    1. Eliminates component redundancy – one network
    2. Simplifies operation and control of complex systems
    3. Substantially reduces capital procurement and operational expenses
    4. Enhances Security

IBMS is for and can: Operate, monitor, Control, Optimize, Schedule, Integrate etc. all the equipments and systems covered under its scope. It  is not for and cannot: Alter equipment’s/Technology’s basic efficiency. Click here to read more….

Energy Analytics
A scheme for providing a real time data acquisition and energy management system was initiated in early 1994. The scheme is being carried out through indigenous efforts, using the hardware and software in distributed architecture and based on the concept of open system and connectivity.
Cleaner production is gaining its reputation. Companies can easily have a good chance of availing certain regional and state grants. With a complete analysis of energy and emissions, a company can now take control of all sources and the source of carbon emissions. Click here to read more….
Access Control & Perimeter Protection

Property owners and managers are constantly identifying areas of risk and taking steps to mitigate that risk. In any environment, risk takes the form of access.

Controlling an access through an access control system is the most efficient method of monitoring activities and limiting/permitting movement across your premises and they can be as simple or as complex as needed. Click here to read more….

Lighting Control & Automation

Lighting controls are important because they can eliminate 60 percent or more of the wasted lighting energy in buildings while enhancing occupant comfort and productivity,” They provide flexible control over the lighting in a space and support energy savings by reducing the amount of power or amount of time a lighting system is in use.

Controlling and managing lighting is an important factor in managing a building’s energy costs. Click here to read more….

Public Address and Voice Alarm System

A public address (PA) system should comprise of equipment of sufficient capacity to ensure distribution of voice to various areas of the building with equal clarity.

The acoustic output of a public address system is wholly reliant upon robust system design and one which physically and seamlessly integrates with surveillance teams and the emergency services. It is essential that they can activate the Voice Alarm (VA) mode, thereby overriding any regular announcements. Only then can a fully compliant and validated system be delivered that is ready to meet each and every eventuality. Click here to read more….

After Sales Service and Maintenance

We do not stop by delivering Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning, we offer after sales service package to ensure that it is continuously supported by experts throughout its entire service life.

We train operators, maintenance personnel and engineers, giving them the necessary knowledge and resources to adequately operate and maintain an installation.

All after sales service is conducted by specialists from our service departments with extensive knowledge of the latest technology in their respective areas. Click here to read more….