A public address (PA) system should comprise of equipment of sufficient capacity to ensure distribution of voice to various areas of the building with equal clarity.

The acoustic output of a public address system is wholly reliant upon robust system design and one which physically and seamlessly integrates with surveillance teams and the emergency services. It is essential that they can activate the Voice Alarm (VA) mode, thereby overriding any regular announcements. Only then can a fully compliant and validated system be delivered that is ready to meet each and every eventuality.

Public address components are provided with graduated priority. There is status check of emergency communications mechanisms.

We customize the Public Address System for announcements and emergency voice evacuation as per the requirement of the installation. We ensure that the PA/VA system has maintained a discrete omnipresence and performed faultlessly. We serve a compliant Voice Alarm System throughout and Public Address system that will be able to broadcast quality background music in key areas. Each floor constitutes a zone with selective floor wise isolation facility.