Lighting Management and Automation:

Lighting controls are important because they can eliminate 60 percent or more of the wasted lighting energy in buildings while enhancing occupant comfort and productivity,” They provide flexible control over the lighting in a space and support energy savings by reducing the amount of power or amount of time a lighting system is in use.

Controlling and managing lighting is an important factor in managing a building’s energy costs.

Lighting products like lamps and ballasts have become increasingly efficient, with a wide, growing range of options to enable lighting systems to be tailored to the specific needs of individual spaces. B

Oftentimes, there is an opportunity to provide more consistent, high-quality and efficient lighting sources that will deliver a quick return on investment luminaries that use LED technology consume minimal electrical energy versus typical lighting sources and achieve a service life of more than 50,000 hours. This also reduces overall maintenance costs. Its important to ensure that any landscape lighting fixture using LED technology has a proper thermal management solution.

The majority of lighting experts say wireless controls are among the most notable technological advances in lighting management systems in both indoor and outdoor applications. Most wireless control solutions are compatible with existing equipment and require little, if any, additional wiring.

Wireless technologies continue to advance, making retrofit applications easier and less expensive to install. In the lighting controls world, it is not any different. New wireless products are the ones that address typical lighting control strategies, as well as provide the ability to easily integrate to third party systems.

The ability to control a lighting system remotely is another technology that has made great strides in the past several years and allows facility managers to monitor lighting systems from any location, as long as they have Internet or intranet access.
We help in performing a careful analysis of the total investment cost when planning any new controls strategy.
We not only  make correct decisions on the products used but also have the system professionally programmed and commissioned to make sure it does what you expect.