Unlike the conventional Building management systems, the integrated BMS adds tremendous value

    1. Eliminates component redundancy – one network
    2. Simplifies operation and control of complex systems
    3. Substantially reduces capital procurement and operational expenses
    4. Enhances Security

IBMS is for and can: Operate, monitor, Control, Optimize, Schedule, Integrate etc. all the equipments and systems covered under its scope. It  is not for and cannot: Alter equipment’s/Technology’s basic efficiency.
GMP has had successful projects on open protocols of BAC net, LON works, MODBUS TCP/IP, RS232/485, and Ethernet using DDC controllers based on Niagara framework.

GMP designs and installs IBMS uniquely for your particular application (HVAC, Elec., Utility).It can record best operational parameters. It can be operated optimally. Maintenance can ensure optimum operation. It is always active, gathering data and monitoring operation. These controllers are capable of functioning on a standalone mode, even in case of loss of communication with the central control station.

At least 25 LEED points can be influenced through Integrated BMS considering the following:

Sustainable Sites: Storm water Management
Energy & Atmosphere: Optimized Energy Performance, Measurement & Verification
Indoor Environmental Quality: Outdoor Air Delivery Monitoring, IAQ Management, Controllability of Systems. Lighting Plan, Thermal Comfort, Views and daylight.
Apart from monitoring and controlling from a central server, the IBMS also has an advantage of providing an energy management service.